Eclipse Hotels & Resorts is the Hotel Management division of
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Explore the World of Asia's MOST FLEXIBLE Hotel Management Company

Reaching the REAL profit potential of hotels & resorts!

Eclipse Hotels & Resorts is a Hong Kong based Hotel Management Company unique to the Worldwide Hospitality industry through its contractual "Money Back Guarantee"‚Äč for property owners and developers*.

Since its inception in 2005 by seasoned Hospitality, Development and Finance experts from all over the world, Eclipse Hotels has enjoyed strong and steady growth, with our full focus in the Asia Pacific Region.

Eclipse Hotels manages its own brands in Asia Pacific, the Middle East and Northern Africa: namely

  • Sobriquet Hotels, Resorts & Palaces
  • Madara Hotels Collection
  • Palmeirah Resorts
  • Piccolo Hotels.

Eclipse Hotels & Resorts is privately owned by its directors and management.

Less than 40% of unbranded Hotels and Resorts and less than 60% of brand associated Hotels and Resorts in Asia reach their actual profit potential and meet the initial development and financial expectations of their owners.

The reasons are many for these unrealized expectations; it may be the economic climate, the increased competition or the current operational mistakes and difficulties inside a hotel.

Eclipse Hotels & Resorts was created and launched into the hotel management space to exactly address these issues and guide hotels, resorts and their owners to the place where exactly these potentials are reached and exceeded.

Eclipse Hotels & Resorts started to take shape by defining unique services and brands, which were based on the fact that Asia used to be the pinnacle of excellence in hospitality for centuries. Eclipse Hotels & Resorts will retake this position by combining modern 21st century business intelligence and technology with ancient Asian traditions of excellence in hospitality and well-being.

Today, Eclipse Hotels & Resorts comprises 4 Hotel brands, combined with 8 Restaurant concepts for use within these brands, the Corona Club Loyalty Program and 4 Restaurant concepts for franchise through its sister company Eclipse Restaurants.

EclipseHotels is about ...

Innovation ... in every market by employing a unique approach of risk share and utilizing 4 brands at the right place and with the right business model.

Excellence ... through frequent training and fully developed support services our employees are encouraged and empowered to surpass known boundaries in guest service and achieve Eclipse Hotels & Resorts' unique "Out of this World Hospitality".

Quality ... our company and partners stand for individuality and quality. Each of our projects offers an abundance of local charm combined with the rigorous quality standards of Eclipse Hotels & Resorts to assure our distinctive feel of Hospitality.

Uniqueness ... Eclipse Hotels & Resorts does encourage the unique style and flavor of every hotel and its owners and refuses to smother developers with rules and regulations about their buildings, while assuring operational efficiency.

About People ... our success is driven not only by the energy and passion of our teams around the world, but at the same time by the guests they uniquely serve. Special teams for guest satisfaction, sales, marketing and loyalty building are designed to go "Out of this World" for the success of our hotels and guests.


* Conditions for global pandemics and force majeure apply

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