Small and Extraordinary

A group of independent budget Hotels defining a new standard in extraordinary economy accommodation.

Piccolo perfectly combines the true meaning of economy accommodation with the conveniences of today's technology and the unique hospitality of Piccolo Hotels.

If your property is part of Piccolo, you will get a carefully designed and developed brand and hotel template, which combines the affordability of its development and operating costs with extraordinary quality for guests on a economy budget. As the world’s newest entry into the budget hotel market, flexibility is key.

We offer management opportunities to selected properties and owners interested in teaming up with us.

Download the Piccolo Development brochureSuperior Value for Owners

  • Extended global reach compared to an “independent” property
  • Personalized and diverse support for each property and owner
  • A global infrastructure of systems to drive occupancy in a competitive environment
  • Pre-designed development and construction standards to reduce development costs
  • Emphasis on comfortable and long-lasting economy accommodation designs
  • Each property is part of the group and easily identified
  • The highest flexibility of management and group in the industry
  • The world’s only “money back guarantee” if the brand underperforms
  • The return of comfortable accommodation and technology with the highest return on investment

Piccolo Standards ...

Is what defines the foundation of Piccolo Hotels and encompasses the values and philosophy by which we operate the brand.

A Piccolo Hotel is the place where the comfort of our guests at an affordable price is the highest mission of all employees.

Piccolo Hotels aims to redefine the experiences of guests on an economy budget, while increasing the return for Developers and Owners.

A Piccolo Hotel is to become part of an extraordinary and affordable hotel brand at the edge of today's technology and guest experiences.


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